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Multieffetto Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 Brit

Multieffetto Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 Brit

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Tech 21 Fly Rig Brit
La versione BRIT si basa sul nostro pedale serie SansAmp Character British, che è stato ispirato ai celebri amplificatori croccanti d'epoca. La verione CALI si basa su i pedali Character Series CALI / US METAL Sansamp, che sono ispirati agli amplificatori della metà degli anni '70 dal negozio allora-boutique, nato sulla costa occidentale. Coinvolgere la funzione Boost è come avere un "12AX7" come pre-amp che offre un ottimo guadagno. Attivato tramite il proprio interruttore a pedale, si può avere un massimo di 21dB di boost. La gamma consente di passare da uno stato di overdrive lieve ad un guadagno folle. Boost opera anche indipendentemente.

• SansAmp tube amplifier emulator, is pre-voiced for clean tones. It includes 3-band active EQ, Level,
and Drive to adjust the overall amount of gain and overdrive.
• Reverb, within the SansAmp section, is based upon the Boost RVB pedal. It emulates the rich ambiances of a vintage spring reverb without clattery pings, canyons of doom, or other annoying artifacts.
• Boost, kicks in up to 21dB of pre-amp gain. It can be used independently to boost the SansAmp and/or DLA functions, as well as on its own to boost the gain of your amp.
• DLA is based upon the Boost DLA pedal. It is voiced to give you the sounds of a vintage tape echo
and features Level, Time, Repeats, and Drift, which adds a random element to the modulation for authentic textures. A dedicated Tap Tempo switch makes it super simple to just tap in the delay tempo you want during your performance.
• All analog signal path; reverb and delay are mixed in parallel.
• Get 5 “must-have” gigging pedals for 1/3 the cost at 1/3 the size, without sacrificing pro quality tone.
• All metal housing in gunmetal finish.
• Metal footswitches and jacks.
• 1/4-inch high-impedance input.
• 1/4-inch low impedance output.
• Silent-switching, custom footswitch actuators.
• Utilizes included “auto-switching” 12V DC power supply. Self-adjusts to 100V-240V. It can be used anywhere in the world with the proper plug/travel adapter for the host country.
• The Fly Rig 5 is shipped with 4 knob grippers, one on each Level control. Additional knob grippers are sold in packs of 10 on our Accessories page.
BRIT: Mississippi Queen, Bluesbreakers, Cult/Sanctuary, NWOBHM Iron Maiden, Oasis, The Shadows/Apache, Keef/Brown Sugar, and Zep/Communication.
CALI: Metallica Clean and Heavy, Santana, Foo Fighters/Everlong Clean and Dirty, Eagles/One of These Nights, and Dumble.
Note: Names of sample settings are for descriptive purposes only.

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